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Plant-based startup Impossible Foods declared the dispatch of its most current vegan product, the Impossible Sausage, at Yelp’s best 30 American burger joints across the nation.

The coffee shops—which are the first autonomously owned restaurants to serve the new plant-based meat—were picked dependent on the volume and inspiration of audits on Yelp. The rundown incorporates vegan cafes Fare Well in Washington, DC and Champs Diner in Brooklyn, NY.

“Plant-based meat has experienced a significant rise in consumer interest on Yelp as we’ve seen a 140-percent increase in review mentions of ‘plant based’ over the past two years,” Yelp trend expert Tara Lewis said.

“In fact, Impossible Burger was one of Yelp’s biggest food trends in 2019, and we don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.

Consumers are looking to make socially conscious decisions when it comes to dining out and, with our curated list of top diners, they’ll know just the place. We’re thrilled to highlight some of these incredible local spots.”

Before, the Impossible Sausage was just accessible at Burger King and Starbucks.


The Impossible Sausage is likewise prepared for delivery through the country’s biggest food merchants to any café that might want to include the new plant-based meat to its menu.

Like its Impossible Burger—which extended to 1,700 Kroger and Kroger-owned stores a month ago—the organization intends to grow its Impossible Sausage into the retail segment after the plant-based meat sets up an a dependable balance in the foodservice business.

“We launched Impossible Burger in 2016 at America’s best restaurants when consumers were just starting to get a taste for Impossible products and few realized that plant-based meat could outperform animal analogues in taste, nutrition, and convenience,”

Impossible Foods Founder and CEO Patrick O. Brown, MD said. “By the end of 2016, we had expanded to a grand total of four restaurants. By contrast, Impossible Sausage went from zero to 20,000 restaurants in the first half of 2020 alone—a clear bellwether for growth and a warning to incumbent meat producers.”


During a public interview, Brown reaffirmed his objective to supplant all food animals with plant-based options by 2035. “So far, we’re on track. And we’re going to stay on track,” Brown said about his goal. “Maybe even accelerate.”

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