Vinnie Jones Says Plant-Based Diets Are Good For Your Health in New Oat Milk AD


Celebrity movie star Vinnie Jones has portrayed vegan eating regimens as a ‘great approach’ for a more beneficial and healthier way of life.

The star, who as of late highlighted in Alpro’s most recent oat-milk marketing campaign, offered the remark in a statement for the Mirror.

He told the media source: “I’m massively into conservation and nature, especially the British countryside. Going forward, plant-based food is where we’ve got to be.

“There are some lovely vegan foods out there. It’s a good way to go, for the environment, and a healthier lifestyle.”

Not long ago, Jones reproduced a well known dairy marketing campaign- yet this time traded out cow’s milk for a vegan alternative.


The campaign, which includes the trademark slogan ‘Make Yours Oat’ spoofs a renowned 2010 pro dairy version called ‘Make Milk Mine’, which enlisted the three big celebrities to support deals.

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Jones said in promotion of the campaign: “Letā€™s not beat around the bush ā€“ in 2020, we all know thereā€™s a new ā€˜tache in town.

I was a bit reluctant to have a good shave before the shoot and lose my rugged good looks ā€“ but I think the ā€˜moat-stacheā€™ looks pretty damn good on me. Iā€™m taking it back to Hollywood.”

The plant milk market is booming globally. According to a market trends report,Ā  the UK alt-milk market is projected to grow from $320.6 million in 2019 to $705.3 million by 2025 at an estimated CAGR of 13.8% reported the Vegan Society.

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