The revolutionary vegan canned tuna is introduced by Vgarden, Ltd., a food tech developer and producer of plant-based substitutes. The 100% plant-based product resembles the common kitchen staple in cans in terms of appearance, texture, and flavor.

The tuna analog is intended to feed the demands of a growing market of customers concerned about sustainability by presenting a new solution to the problem of overfished and rapidly diminishing wild tuna ocean populations.

Image: Vgarden LTD

“Tinned tuna has a very distinct flaky, yet moist and chewy texture, with a powerful fresh-from-the sea aroma,” explains Ilan Adut, CEO of Vgarden.


“Our new tuna-like product is clean-label, scalable, affordable, and sustainable. But for our plant-based creation to serve as a true substitute, even beyond compellingly mimicking all of the sensory qualities, it also has to match tuna as much as possible in nutritional value.”

The start-up created its successful plant-based tuna recipe after 12 months of experimenting with various components and procedures.

The retail and food service industries have already begun to roll out the private-label goods.

For practical non-chilled storage and to provide the entire authentic tuna experience, it is offered in two packing types: pouches for chilled storage and actual cans.


The goal of Vgarden’s research and development was to create tuna that could be sterilized and canned at high temperatures while retaining its natural flavor and texture. For the formula and procedure, the business has applied for a patent.

Image: Vgarden LTD

Is There a Catch?

Based on pea protein, Vgarden’s tuna mimic has a total protein concentration of 11.2-14%, both before and after filtering. A small number of natural substances, such as fibers and sunflower oil, are present.

The start-“tuna-free” up’s tuna is sourced outside of the marine ecosystem, so it is free of harmful metals, microplastics, and other ocean contaminants.


Its unique production technique utilizes little water and energy, reducing the strain on marine life and providing consumers with a seafood option that is sustainable and crueltyfree.

Who is Vgarden

Vgarden is a renowned creator and producer of delectable vegan dishes made from plants. The professionals at Vgarden have established Gan-Shmuel Health Industries (2017) Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd. They create and offer a wide selection of cheeses, spreads, pastries, and nuggets.

All retail cheeses produced by Vgarden are non-GMO, lactose, gluten-free, trans fat-free, soy-free, and cholesterol-free. Leumi Partners invested more than USD 15M in strategic first capital to support international expansion and product development.