The most well-known vegan and vegetarian trademark in the world, V-Label, has introduced its new label designs. V-Label is presently present on more than 50,000 products sold by more than 4,300 licensees worldwide.

The new labels are a necessary upgrade as a result of V-continuous Label’s growth and expansion outside of European countries, guaranteeing that both consumers and producers internationally may benefit from clear and transparent labeling of vegan and vegetarian goods and services.

“The expansion to new markets makes us very happy. V-Label directly helps more than 30+ non-profit organizations across the globe with income generation that enables them to fund work which is very much aligned with V-Label’s global vision,” comments V-Label founder Renato Pichler.


“We strive for a world where vegan and vegetarian products are widespread, popular, and easily recognizable.”

The new labels make it simpler to distinguish between vegan and vegetarian items, increasing transparency and making it easier for customers to find the goods they need and want.

The vegan label has been revised to reflect the V-global Label’s nature while remaining mostly unchanged from its former design. The vegetarian logo has been updated, now including a green background to increase contrast and stand out more. Labels for use on transparent or monochromatic packaging will also be available to producers. We are certain that our customers will quickly become accustomed to the new labeling.

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Finding plant-based options quickly

More than a third of people on the planet are familiar with V-Label because of its prominent and distinguishable labeling. Seven out of ten people think V-Label products are healthier, and 57% just think they can trust it more when looking for nutritional options that fit with their values.

Customers may lessen their emissions, water, and deforestation footprint by investigating a number of plant-based options with V-Label.

“We expect that the change on the majority of the certified products will take up to two years.

This is due to a large number of certified products,” Co-Director of V-Label International, Martin Ranninger, says of the new labels. “


The time we set for the change is long enough for producers and retailers not to have to throw away any of the existing printed packaging. We of course do not want to contribute to meaningless waste.”

V-Label is a trademark that has been used to identify vegan and vegetarian products and services since it was first registered in Switzerland in 1996. It serves as a trustworthy resource for shoppers.

V-Label is the leader of a global movement with more than 25 years of expertise in marking products and working with professionals in quality management, food science, chemistry, cosmetics, and marketing. As a result, we work together with companies, merchants, customers, and activists.