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Nearly Three Million Brits Are Expected To Go Vegan This January, According To A New Survey


Livekindly reports that nearly three million Brits are expected to go vegan this January, according to a new survey by VoucherCodes.

The infographic – which showed the most popular New Year’s resolutions of 2019 – revealed that 2,662,900 people will attempt to take part in Veganuary this year; the same amount will pledge to ditch alcohol for Dry January.

2019 vegan survey

Veganuary is a global campaign aimed at convincing people to ditch meat and dairy for one month, for the benefit of the environment, the animals, and their own health. The challenge is consistently growing, with the number of participants taking part doubling every year.


After the month is completed, many decide to stay vegan. Last year, 62 percent of participants opted to keep avoiding animal products after January.

“Right across the world, people are recognising that each of us can truly make a difference to our health, to animals and to the environment, and we can do it easily – and tastily – three times a day,” the chief executive of Veganuary Simon Winch said in a statement last year. “Small changes that we make have a huge collective impact.”


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