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Subway is launching a vegan sub and salad


Subway has affirmed that it’s starting a vegan sub and plate of mixed greens on its perpetual menu across the nation.

As indicated by the chain, the patty which shapes the base of the two dinners, includes the kinds of red pepper, stew, garlic, and red onion.

It has likewise propelled another vegan garlic aioli, which it portrays as a smooth garlic sauce.


“Whether you’re veggie, vegan, flexitarian or just fancy a meat-free munch, customers may, in fact, be surprised at how much of the menu at Subway is already suitable for vegans,” a spokesperson told Plant Based News.

“This includes our crave-worthy Hash Browns, seven of our best-selling sauces including BBQ, Sweet Chilli, and Hot Chilli, the Italian and Hearty Italian breads, and of course our crunchy salads too. At Subway, you can make it what you want, when you want.”

Credit: Subway/Instagram

Subway joins a large group of different outlets who have taken off snatch and-go vegan products choices as of late – including Greggs and McDonald’s among others.

The fast-food chain revealed its Spicy Vegetarian Wrap and first Vegetarian Happy Meal in January. Both are guaranteed by The Vegetarian Society, as while the fixings are vegan products, there is a danger of cross-defilement amid the cooking procedure.


Greggs’ vegan hotdog roll turned into the chain’s smash hit new dispatch in six years when it hit the markets in January – rapidly taking off over all branches, chasing after dispatch in half of Greggs’ stores.

The accomplishment of these things connects to various intellectuals who anticipated that vegan food products would be trending in 2019. Among them was Uber Eats, which made the case in its latest yearly report.


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