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The partnership between BioRepublic and Salon Centric, one of the biggest wholesale distributors of professional beauty products in the US, is officially announced. Through the expansion, BioRepublic will have access to the more than 1 million licensed beauty professionals who make up North America’s largest independent stylist community.

The foundation of BioRepublic is the idea that everyone should have access to high-performance, naturally formulated skin care. With dermatologist-approved products that are made with all-natural ingredients and supported by science, BioRepublic is upending the status quo.

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“We are excited about the opportunity to work with a new clientele of salon professionals and we hope to become a trusted brand in a new category and marketplace,” said Flavia Gutiérrez Vélez, Chief Marketing Officer of BioRepublic. “Our products are made with high-quality, vegan formulas and clean ingredients with every skin type in mind so we are thrilled to be partnering with another amazing retailer who values the same standard of excellence.”

Advertisement now carries BioRepublic products, including a number of top sellers as well as a variety of biodegradable sheet masks from the company’s Exotics, USDA Certified Organics, and Invisamasks lines.


A progressive company, BioRepublic is democratizing high-performance skincare and clean beauty products. BioRepublic takes pride in identifying non-toxic substitutes for harmful ingredients.

They were able to offer the first and only USDA Certified Organic sheet masks on the market thanks to this forward-thinking strategy, and they are now proud to display this label on all of their products. The product offerings from BioRepublic are better for our bodies, better for the environment, and always produce better results. ​​Nielsen rates Biorepublic’s Lost Baggage Under Eye Mask and Lip Mask as the top-selling beauty products in America for 2022.

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Hundreds of sellers congregate in the SalonCentric Marketplace, a one-stop shop for business, beauty, and more, to market their goods to the Licensed Beauty Professional market. Products include clothing, appliances, sustainability, salon supplies, equipment, and more.