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Vegan Health Coach Encourages Christians To Go Vegan Because It Is Written In The Bible


Vegan activist and encompassing wellbeing mentor and YouTuber Shanon Whittingham, otherwise called Sincerely Shans, urges Christians to go vegan as the holy book says we ought to eat products of the soil.

In Plant Based News’ most recent audio podcast  Whittingham shared her vegan love venture, enthusiasm to spread the vegan message, and other adoration, among others in the vegan community.

“There’s definitely a connection between the food we eat and our physical, mental, and spiritual health,” she said in the interview.

“For those individuals who, for example, identify as Christians and read the Bible, one of the first few things in the Book of Genesis is how God created us from the dust of the Earth.”


“He states that we should use food that he created from the Earth, fruits and vegetables, as food. If God who created us from the dust of the Earth, from the soil, he uses these minerals to fuel our bodies that come from Earth.”

“I think that’s something very profound that a lot of us can take into consideration especially for that vegan diet, that all we need is in the Earth, all we need can be found in plants – every single nutrient and mineral.”

Whittingham, who has four year certifications in brain research and human science, is at present acquiring her Masters of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics additionally preparing to turn into a certified enlisted dietitian-nutritionist.

She isn’t alone in urging individuals of faith to go vegan. Vegan super campaign Million Dollar Vegan that was  established by Veganuary organizers Matthew Glover and Jane Land additionally empowers individuals of all confidence and foundations to go vegan for lent.


3 thoughts on “Vegan Health Coach Encourages Christians To Go Vegan Because It Is Written In The Bible

  1. If all were vegan like me….what a kinder healthier earth this would be,veggy vegan 39yrs as all life matters.

  2. Its so true: Genesis 1: 29 is a clear statement and guidelines what every human should eat to keep them healthy, happy and clear from sicknesses and diseases.
    Those so-called Christians and church-goers who dissociate from this truth are running daily into trouble with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, lupus, MS etc. Then they believe laying on of hands or prayer for the sick will cure them. It wont!! Wake up!!
    You reap what you sow. If you eat the flesh and bodily secretions of animals you are eating death and it will produce death in your body. The only foods that can heal you are living food from the soil – veggies, fruit, nuts & seeds.

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