Middlebury Institute to Host the Very First All-Vegan Graduation in the US

Middlebury Institute Is Hosting The Truly First All-Vegan Graduation in the US


Middlebury Institute of International Studies, situated in Monterey, California, is set to have the absolute first all-vegan graduation in the US.

In May 2019, Middlebury Institute will praise the graduation of 266 understudies in a cruelty-free approach by facilitating all-vegan graduation including 100% vegan dishes.

The vegan buffet was motivated by Professor Jason Scorse, Chair of the International Environmental Policy program and Director of the Center for the Blue Economy.


She is behind the school’s enthusiasm for plant-based dishes and furthermore drove the usage of the 50/50 arrangement that requires the cafeteria to offer 50 percent vegan choices.

The vegan buffet highlights meatless Sonoma chicken-serving of mixed greens sandwiches, veggie crudites, without fish sushi, potato samosas, gourmet sans dairy cheddar platters, and Mediterranean platters loaded up with falafel, dolmas, olives, hummus, and pita.

“I am very proud that our institution has made such a commitment to promoting plant-based foods throughout the campus activities,” Jason Scorse, Director of the Center for the Blue Economy, said in a statement.

Jeff Dayton-Johnson, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Middlebury Institute, added: “The institute has a long track record of promoting sustainable practices and continues to push toward the goal of making our campus completely carbon neutral.”


Middlebury Institute isn’t the main school in the US that is inclining toward plant-based alternatives.

Another association at Saucon Valley High School in Pennsylvania, called “Students for Health and Nutrition,” was made to urge understudies to go vegan by teaching them about the vegan way of life and a plant-based eating regimen.


More than 1 million understudies in New York City are likewise expected to be served without meat choices each Monday as a feature of the city’s Meatless Mondays activity for both wellbeing and ecological advantages.

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