Vegan Delights: Sweden’s 100% Vegan Wonka-Inspired Chocolate Factory


There’s currently a chocolate factory inspired by Willy Wonka and it’s 100% vegan.  Begun in a little kitchen in Uppsala, Sweden, Vegan Delights has quite recently opened up its processing plant doors to invite guests into the fantasy land of plant-based chocolate treats. 

Vegan Delights has made each herbivore’s childhood dreams come true. Situated in Sweden, the new chocolate factory has been motivated by Willy Wonka and everything inside the industrial facility is 100% vegan.

It’s opened by Anahita Vazvan, who initially started making plant-based chocolate treats back in 2016 and has now transformed her idea into a full shop and chocolate factory this year. 


Sharing more with regards to her journey to begin Vegan Delights, Vazvan said the thought came during her college years when she “couldn’t escape the feeling that something was missing”. 

“Growing up, I was the creative kid. I used to paint, make jewellery, bake and do all kinds of messy things, giving my mother a headache. As I grew older, I gave up my hobbies to excel academically,” she explained. “Nevertheless, there was something pushing me to pick them up again.”

“​When I was 20 years old, most of the younger generation in my family had transitioned to a plant-based diet and I felt like we were missing out on seriously delicious vegan treats. So I started experimenting in the kitchen and suddenly the first Vegan Delights chocolates were born.”

Since she established Vegan Delights in 2016 in her little kitchen in Uppsala, Vazvan has acquired a fan following and chosen to open up an industrial facility so guests could get to know the entire group behind the beautiful and fun-looking vegan chocolates


Vegan Delights has most prominently fostered a vegan Snickers called ‘Vegickers’, which is the company smash hit and has effectively turned into a firm customer top choice. 

Ethical and sustainable vegan chocolate 

Vegan Delights says ethical and responsible sourcing is at its center. 

It sources its cocoa directly from farmers, using local and organic ingredients as much as possible, and says its dairy-free chocolates slash around 70% of the GHG emissions contrasted with its regular partners. 

They’re made with affection for all species and this planet,” says the organization. “And the best part is that our chocolates taste like everything you’ve ever wished for—vegan or non-vegan.”


For the people who can’t visit the chocolate production line, Vegan Delights ships overall by means of its direct-to-customer site.