80Noir Ultra is an exceptional vegan dark chocolate corporation made by fitness coach and wellness writer Carole Armitage. Recently, the British brand was named one of Forbes‘ 17 Best Healthy New Vegan Food and Drink Products.

80Noir’s chocolates are made with 80.3% cocoa and arrive in a scope of beads and bars.

They can be eaten as they are, or made into hot chocolate with the addition of hot water or plant milk.

The brand is accessible online via Yumbles, Ankorstore, and the 80Noir Ultra website. It is additionally supplied at Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse air terminals.

To promote the mental and physical health benefits of its exceptional vegan dark chocolate, 80Noir has cooperated with ten Olympic and professional athletes, including sprinters Aly Dixon and Helen Davies.


The athletes are acting as brand ambassadors to show that dark chocolate can play a role in a healthy lifestyle.

As vegan foods’ popularity expands, interest in vegan chocolate is rising pointedly. Because of that demand, certain confectioners are adding many new vegan products to their ranges to keep up.

The worldwide vegan chocolate market is expected to be valued at $1.41 billion by 2028.

“With the help of my Elite Chocolate Squad, we want to spread the message that 80Noir Ultra is a valuable part of our positive lifestyle and will bring you a moment of calm, a clean boost of energy, reduce your stress levels and anxiety and make you feel happier and hugged from within!” said 80Noir founder Carole Armitage.


“This mighty drink, bar, and training bars will do all that and we are here to show you how.”