Vegan Who Abstained COVID-19 Vaccine Due To Animal Testing Dies In Hospital


55-year-old Vegan man who denied the COVID-19 vaccine because of animal testing has passed in the hospital.

Glynn Steel told his significant other he wished he’d had the vaccine before he died, a large group of British news sources report.

Vegan dies because of vaccine refusal

At the point when Steel turned out to be sick with the infection, he was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital in the UK. Here, he spent about fourteen days in intensive care, according to the Express.


In that time, he reportedly declared to medical caretakers that he could have the poke.

Glynn’s wife Emma has since encouraged individuals to get the vaccine and launched a fundraising page for a memorial.
She described him as “the most gentle soul.” The pair had plans to retire and travel together.

Covid-19 vaccine

Steel isn’t the only one in the vegan community for picking against getting vaccinated as it is tested on animals.


The Pfizer/BioNTech hit caused controversy for this last year, and the discussion is progressing