Chocomel, a Dutch chocolate milk company, is introducing its popular vegan drink to the UK.

Chocomel was founded in 1932 and is owned by FrieslandCampina, the world’s seventh-largest dairy corporation.

It claims to be the only chocolate milk that consumers require, hence the tagline “the one and only.” This is due to the fact that it may be either cold or warmed and served as a hot chocolate drink.

The dairy-free variant, which was introduced in the Netherlands in September, can be consumed hot or cold.


Chocomel Plant-Based, made from chocolate, cashews, and pea protein, was created to meet the growing demand for animal-free dairy products.

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“A 2021 YouGov survey found that three percent of people in the UK are vegan and this is currently on the rise,” said Gabriella Sudall, marketing manager NPD (Chocomel) at FrieslandCampina UK.

“For Chocomel Plant-Based, it was vital to get the thick and creamy texture as close to the original as possible.”

“Our technical team has worked tirelessly to ensure we are able to re-create Chocomel’s famous velvety and chocolatey taste, and we’ve been genuinely delighted with the results – and so have our shoppers,” Sudall added.


Making Vegan Chocolate Milk

Chocomel states that the company was hesitant to debut a vegan product until it could completely duplicate its distinctive taste without the use of regular dairy.

As a result, the brand tested several plant bases in numerous versions of its new product. According to the article, a cashew and pea protein blend was the winning formula, with a 97 percent approval rating from a tasting panel.

Image: Chocomel

“After an intensive testing process, we’ve managed to develop a perfect plant-based formula which delivers the well-known taste of Chocomel. This way, ‘The one and only’ remains familiar to everyone,” Dustin Woodward, managing director FrieslandCampina Netherlands, said at the time.


Chocomel joins the ranks of other plant-based chocolate milk drink launches, such as those from Oatly, Alpro, and Rebel Kitchen.

Chocomel Plant-Based will be sold in one-liter cartons in UK stores beginning in January 2023.