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Vegan Chicken Nuggets Now Available in Los Angeles Movie Theaters


Vegan brand Fry Family Food (Fry’s) debuts its vegan chicken nuggets in some cinemas in Los Angeles to fulfill the developing interest for vegan products.

In a joint effort with family-run, cinema chain Laemmle, Fry’s makes its excitement scene debut, including the brand’s vegan  Chia Nuggets, which are non-GMO and without gluten.

The coordinated effort makes Laemmle the principal cinema theatre in the US to sell the Fry’s vegan food products, which are right now accessible in 27 nations around the globe.


“We are thrilled to have our food served at Laemmle Theatres — great food and great storytelling bring people together and that is a message we feel strongly about,” Tammy Fry, Global Marketing Director at Fry’s, said in a statement sent to Vegan News.

A year ago, LA member of the city council  Paul Koretz presented a bill that, whenever passed, would require entertainment and travel venues in the city to put at least one vegan choice in their menus.

Fry’s and Laemmle has chosen to bounce in front of the passing of the bill by working together to dispatch flavorful and solid vegan alternatives to three of the theater’s areas in the city.

“The number of people who are seeking plant-based options has increased exponentially over the past several years,” Fry Family Food said.

Vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and meat eaters alike have lamented the lack of healthy, plant-based options in movie theaters around Los Angeles.”


“Fry’s and Laemmle have answered that call with this partnership and more in-theatre product offerings are in the works.” he finishes his statement

The South Africa-based corporation made its U.S. debut a month ago after a huge number of Americans who voyaged abroad mentioned their items, according to the corporation

Fry’s vegan chik’n-style Chia Nuggets are presently accessible in Laemmle Theaters’ Santa Monica, North Hollywood, and Glendale areas.


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