Vegan celebrity Alicia Silverstone has recently joined dating application Bumble. Alicia Silverstone went vegan not long after discovering distinction as the star of ’90s classic Clueless and is currently prepared to track down her ideal match on the dating application. “I always thought it sounded so fascinating. It sounded like it opened up a lot of possibilities for people and created hope,” Silverstone said about dating apps in a video she made for Bumble. “And I’ve heard tons of beautiful stories from people. I think it’s very much the norm now. And it makes sense. It’s kind of like going to a bar, but it’s more effective.”

On the off chance that her initially Bumble match winds up as a date at a bar, Silverstone cautions that she will be wary with regards to her alcohol utilization since she says guzzling makes false chemistry. “That’s why I don’t drink on dates. And if you don’t like them suddenly you like them because you’re drinking,” Silverstone said in a video she made for Bumble. “New rules: No alcohol until I already know I like you.”

In the video, Silverstone revealed she is “super snuggly” and loves composting, walks on the beach, “really yummy wine,” and throwing vegan dinner parties. The actress—who turned 45 says she’s attracted to confidence and people that are “just solid in their skin.”

In the video, Silverstone uncovered she is “super snuggly” and loves fertilizing the soil, strolls on the seashore, “truly yummy wine,” and tossing vegan dinner evening gatherings. The entertainer—who turns 45 today—says she’s drawn to certainty and individuals that are “only strong in their skin.” 


Alicia Silverstone’s vegan activism 

The actress has worked on countless campaigns for animal-rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Mercy For Animals.

Last year, Silverstone and her child—who has been vegan from birth—reproduced a 30-year-old PETA ad made by Linda and Paul McCartney. The new promotions look similar to their predecessors yet rather than sending the “Go Veggie” message displayed on Linda McCartney’s T-shirt, Silverstone wore a refreshed “Go Vegan” trademark. 

“I want the world to change—for people to be kind to each other, for animals to stop suffering, and the planet to heal,” Silverstone told VegNews. “My wish is that people will wake up to our climate crisis and the connection between the state of the planet and their diet.” 

In April, the entertainer wrote an open letter to Starbucks asking the espresso chain to at long last trench its vegan milk upcharge. While Starbucks recently guaranteed that plant-based choices cost more and that the chain is just passing the expense down, Silverstone got down on the corporation for making pointless boundaries for its clients to settle on better decisions. 


“These charges may seem small, but they penalize customers who are making humane and environmentally friendly choices. It also penalizes people for issues they can’t control, like being lactose intolerant—which affects 65 percent of the population, predominantly people of color,” Silverstone wrote in the letter, posted to her blog The Kind Life.

“If Starbucks hopes to meet its goal of reducing 50 percent of its carbon emissions, water use, and waste by 2030, then an obvious first step is to ensure that the environmentally friendly options are accessible to everyone by lowering the price of their non-dairy options, and not penalizing those of us who are already choosing the sustainable, kind products.”

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