Vegetarian brand Sweet Earth has launched two new vegan entrée bowls exclusively at Target.

The dishes, which are accessible in the freezer aisle of 1657 Target areas across the country, incorporate the Awesome Bulgogi Bowl and the Butter Chik’n Bowl. They are rich spices and buttery flavor! 

This mild curry dish combines their plant-based Mindful Chik’n in a vegan buttery tomato sauce with chickpeas, carrots and green peas on a bed of white rice.


The brand—which Nestlé gained for an undisclosed sum in 2017 also launched six other vegan products, new burritos and bowls at markets across the country, including the vegan lover Mongolian Beefless Bowl, Kung Pao Chik’n, Awesome Pasta Puttanesca, and the vegan Awesome Cheeseburger Burrito, Buffalo Style Chik’n Burrito, and Chik’n Fajita.

According to reports from various media outlets U.S. food market is seeking out more plant-based meat products. Recently, new study revealed that nearly 25 percent of Americans are reducing their meat consumption and eating more plant-based.

Credit: Sweet Earth/Print Screen

Jessica Vasisht, the vice president of Sweet Earth Foods, said in a statement: “More than ever, today’s consumers are looking for plant-based options that are packed with flavor and convenient, especially when it might be harder to find traditional meat products on shelves.”

She added: “Sweet Earth is meeting this demand by offering new plant-based options that appeal to flexitarians by satisfying cravings of traditional foods, but also provides plant-based nutrition and goodness in an easy, ready-to-heat format.”


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