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Vegan Burger Named Future Burger Created Using Artificial Intelligence Launches in Brazil


After Burger King and Nestlé wager on their variants of the meat looking burger of plants, now is the turn of the Tupiniquim rendition to be discharged.

The “Future Burger” was made by Marcos Leta, organizer of the juices “Do Bem”, and guarantees to taste, smell and texture of meat, even without containing animal protein.

The Future Burger is made of pea protein, confined soy protein, and chickpeas. The beet will be in charge of ascribing the appearance of a real burger, including even the “blood.”


This is a similar method utilized by the American Impossible Foods, one of the main corporations to dispatch the plant burger, and destined to be on the Burger King menu in the United States.

Sold through the “Future Farm” brand, the Future Burger will be accessible in grocery stores and supermarkets. In the principal alternative, it will be sold for about $ 16.99 for two units – evaluated like solidified gourmet meat burgers.

In São Paulo, it very well may be found in May at Pão de Açúcar and St. Marche. In Rio de Janeiro, it will be accessible in similar markets and in the South Zone and La Fruteria.

What’s more, for the individuals who need to attempt the curiosity in a cheeseburger, the Future Burger will land in the most recent seven day stretch of April in the carioca organize TT Burger.


The item was created in association with the NGO The Good Food Institute and the crude material will be from Fazenda Futuro, which likewise has a place with Leta. The thought is that cheeseburger produced using plants is created on a vast scale.

“By developing technologies that can create the same animal-free foods in taste, texture and meaty smell, we want to show that it is possible to revolutionize the food industry without causing a negative impact on the environment.

My goal is simple: to evolve with new generations (versions) of our meat and arrive at a volume of vegan meat that becomes cheaper than the meat of animal origin, “says Marcos Leta.


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