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The World Vegan Bodybuilding Championship and Vegan Health and Fitness Expo will take place at the Broward County Convention Center on April 15, 2023.
Clean Machine and SoFlo Vegans are co-hosting the Vegan Health and Fitness EXPO (VHFE) to celebrate a healthy, fit Vegan lifestyle that benefits humans, animals, and the environment.

The VHFE will be the first-of-its-kind immersion into a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle.

With over 50 vendors of Vegan supplements, clothing, activities, speakers, delicious Vegan food samples, and the world’s first and only 100% Vegan, Natural Bodybuilding Competition.

The Vegan Health & Fitness Expo will also host the World’s First All-Vegan, Natural Bodybuilding Competition.

With a focus on Fitness, Diet, and Nutrition, supplement brands and food vendors join forces to demonstrate how the plant-based health and fitness market has grown to include nearly every segment of the population.

vegan bodybuilding championship1

This event dispels the myth that if you go Vegan, you can’t build muscle. People are mystified as to how gaining muscle on a plant-based diet is possible.

Plants are the source of all protein

It’s incredible to see how far this movement has progressed to have a completely vegan bodybuilding competition, and things are only going to get better from here.

It will be attended by approximately 2500 people and will be streamed online.

It has over 100 competitors and 40+ vendors ranging from food to clothing. Participants will be able to meet plant-based doctors, celebrities, champion vegan athletes, and health and fitness experts.


The purpose of the event is to demonstrate how a vegan lifestyle can be both healthy and beneficial to both animals and the environment. The previous contestant Jamal Collins says,

“If it helps me inspire more people to consider veganism. That would be fantastic, in my opinion.”