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Vegan Beyond Meat Now Available for Home Delivery


Beyond Meat has united with Trifecta, America’s biggest natural and organic meal delivery service, to make their vegan products accessible to clients in the solace of their home.

Trifecta, which delivers pre-prepared dinners for health-aware consumers and those concentrated on wellness and weight reduction, will offer conveyance of Beyond Meat items to citizens of each of the 50 US states.

“We are excited to be able to fill the demand we get from both meat-eating and vegan/vegetarian consumers for more plant-based protein options with a well-known, and incredibly delicious product line like Beyond Meat,” said Greg Connolly, Trifecta’s CEO.

“This partnership combines the future of food products, with the future of food service, bringing Beyond Meat products directly to consumers doors nationwide via Trifecta’s massive delivery network.


Beyond Meat is at present accessible in A La Carte through Trifecta, yet as per post the food delivery company made on Instagram yesterday, it will before long be accessible as a feature of the vegan and vegetarian meal plans.

For a considerable length of time, Beyond Meat’s 100% plant-based products, which incorporates burgers, hotdogs, and ground hamburger, have been accessible in stores and eateries, yet this is the first run through the vegan products are accessible pre-prepared from a meal delivery company.


Beyond Meat is a piece of another influx of vegan meat products hitting the market, made to look, taste and even “drain” like animal extract meat, in spite of the fact that what turns out is really beet juice.

Accordingly, the vegan meat products have picked up ubiquity with meat eaters who are unable to separate between the plant-based meats and animal extract meat.

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“We know that consumers are busier than ever and looking for easy, better-for-you mealtime solutions that not only taste delicious but provide increased health and wellness benefits, like those of our plant-based meats,” said Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat’s CEO & Founder.

“It’s not surprising to see that world-class athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are dialed into their bodies are early adopters of plant-based meat. Through Trifecta’s platform, we’re partnering to make The Future of Protein® more accessible than ever.”


Trifecta company is established in 2015, ships a great many suppers crosswise over America every year, with an objective to get “America once more into shape.”

You can order from Trifecta website at


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