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Vegan Athlete Lewis Hamilton Wins Singapore Grand Prix


Vegan athlete Lewis Hamilton won the Singapore Grand Prix yesterday.

The pro racer took the win with 25 points, and will go on to compete in the next Formula One race in Sochi, Russia.

‘Incredible’vegan athlete hamilton

After the race, Hamilton said: “I’m spent! That was a tough race, I have such great support here and we had a great start.

“The team had never given up faith and belief in me and (teammate) Valtteri (Bottas). That was the longest race in my life and it’s a blessing. I’m just blessed.


“It was long, but it was still fun. Driving this track is incredible, especially with these cars.”

Vegan athlete

Hamilton has been eating vegan since 2017, and says he’s feeling the best he’s ever felt.

The pro racer regularly encourages his fans to adopt the same change in diet.


Hamilton has also developed an interest in animal and environmental advocacy.

He works to raise awareness of the mistreatment of farm animals, and recently embarked on a self-imposed beach cleanup he shared with followers.


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