A “revolutionary” vegan substitute for animal collagen supplements has been created by Belgian firm VeCollal for use in nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and functional meals.

Since collagen is typically made from animal products, it is not ideal for vegetarians and occasionally causes allergies, especially when it comes to marine collagen. VeCollal precisely matches the amino acid composition of human collagen, although animal collagen differs from that of humans in this regard.

The UK supplement company Feel, which is supported by the late singer Cheryl of the band Girls Aloud, has already started using the collagen substitute. Another company, Revive Collagen, uses VeCollal to create what it calls the first liquid vegan collagen in the world.


VeCollal has shown remarkable growth and uptake despite being launched less than a year ago. The business is currently seeking funding in order to grow next year and enter the US, India, and other markets.

Collagen Substitutes

Alternatives to traditional animal collagen are being developed by numerous companies throughout the world. Developed collagen has been created by Jellatech, Aleph Farms, and Geltor, while vegan collagen is being produced by Geltor utilizing precise fermentation. A comparable product was produced by Provenance Bio utilizing the micro-compartmentalization method.

“We really are at the centre of four major trends/growth markets: collagen, veganism, sustainability, and nutraceuticals — all of which are explosively growing markets and trends,” said Tony Van Campen, founder and managing director of VeCollal. “

There has been no real solution that caters to all these trends simultaneously — until now. But what really sets us apart from other offers on the market is our solid scientific background: our patent-pending formulation, developed by biomaterials expert Dr. Josué Jimenez, has been proven to be effective in three clinical trials to date, with a large-scale clinical trial on the way.”