unlimeat vegan korean BBQ



UNLIMEAT, a Korean company, is ready to debut two vegan products in the United States, including plant-based Korean BBQ and pulled pork, at 1,500 Albertsons shops.

Unlimit joins Albertsons

The company has signed a contract with Albertsons, a major American mart chain, Albertsons, and will begin selling at stores across the United States in January 2023. Albertsons is the leading supermarket chain in the United States with more than 2,300 stores in 34 states.

According to UNLIMEAT, Korean BBQ is a plant-based alternative to barbecued beef brisket that may be grilled or stir-fried and utilized in both Eastern and Western cuisines.

The pulled pork, which has already been a hit at pre-launch events, is available in two flavors: original classic barbecue flavor and sweet & smoky charcoal grilled rib flavour.


The three items are UNLIMEAT’s most popular meat substitutes, and they are produced from upcycled components including defatted soybean powder and rice bran.

This reduces waste while also making use of very nutritious leftovers; bran contains 90% of the nutrients present in rice.

In early 2022, UNLIMEAT debuted its vegan beef and pork in the United States for the first time. 

Plant-based jerky was introduced to the brand’s lineup in May after a tremendously successful Kickstarter effort that reached its funding target in three hours. By the end of the campaign, more than 1000% of the goal had been reached.

unlimeat vegan korean BBQ
Image: Unlimeat

UNLIMEAT has been released on online marketplaces such as Amazon and GTFO

“Partnering with Albertsons to offer our unique and delicious plant-based foods to a wider audience is a testament to the industry’s evolution and increasing appetite for more diverse offerings.

We’re incredibly excited to bring our signature products to Albertsons customers, who deserve tastier and healthier plant-based options,” said Ryan Chung, the head of international business at UNLIMEAT.