Vegan enthusiast bad-to-the-bone punk vocalist Toby Morse praised his 49th birthday celebration yesterday with a coincidental “supper dinner club.”

He was joined by his H2O bandmates alongside vegan superstars Moby, No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal, Kat Von D, and her accomplice and Prayers vocalist, Leafar Seyer.

“There’s a lot going on here.. punk rock vegan bday for @tobymorse with @tonykanal @timtimebomb @prayers @thekatvond @rustypistachio @toddsplanet @adamblake007 and also up there in the corner @jessicachastain who we were all too scared to actually talk to. Hooray Los Angeles,” Moby posted on Instagram.

Morse spent his second part of his birthday at Crossroads Kitchen in LA, claimed by vegan gourmet specialist and writer of the New York Times top of the line cookbook, “The Conscious Cook,” Tal Ronnen.


Morse is the main and only vegan lover in H2O, however his bandmates — Adam Blake, Rusty Pistachio, his older sibling Todd Morse, and Colin McGinnis — have been vegan since 1988. Morse has been vegan since 1987, as per a 2016 interview with French music site Purebreak Musique Mag. From 2006 to 2010, the Massachusetts native was nominated for peta2’s “Sexiest Vegetarian Alive”

Morse has additionally been a straight edge as long as he can remember, yet has uncovered in interviews that hearing the tune “Straight Edge” by the band Minor Threat at age 13 is the thing that inspired him not to take medications or drink liquor.

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