Toni Braxton Releases Vegan Body Care Line


Grammy award winner and celebrity singer Toni Braxton has released a vegan body care line at Ulta Beauty. The line is called Nude Sugar and incorporates shower gel just as serums, creams, salves, and fogs for the face and body.

The vegan products range from $18 to $45. 

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Toni Braxton in a statement said, “My skin as an African American tends to be a little drier. Since I’m getting up there, just going outside in the sun, and all the years of the things that I’ve done to my body being in the entertainment business, for me, it was having hyperpigmentation, or sometimes you get light spots. I wanted to do something that represented me. I wanted something that I knew really worked.”

She clarified that the vegan line had been two years in the process really taking shape and was extraordinarily intended for ladies of color. Be that as it may, the extravagance line can be appreciated by any individual who needs their skin to feel beautiful and glowy. 


Braxton added  “For so long we had the luxury of going to spas and going places and have people take care of us. Everyone’s at home now. We have to be in safety, keep our body-safe, so you can’t do the luxurious things that you used to do. This is a great way to start home care. I’m hoping that the world would go back to some form of normalcy, but in the meantime, home care is so important now.”

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