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This Is the Way Animals Are Slaughtered for a Company Called “HappyMeat”


Mercy For Animals is reporting for sickening undercover footage shot by Swiss animal rights organization PEA—Pour l’Egalité Animale (For Animal Equality) The investigation reveals animals dragged into and locked in slaughterhouse rooms and then having their throats slit in front of other animals.

According to PEA, about 50 animals are killed each week in this slaughterhouse and then supplied to companies like HappyMeat, who claim slaughtering animals in this way is an “ethical solution” for consumers.

The heartbreaking video, taken at a slaughterhouse in Moudon, shows fully conscious sheep desperately trying to escape brutal slaughter, calves cowering in fear from workers, and dying animals bleeding out on cold concrete floors. It’s truly devastating.


By definition, “ethical” means morally right or good. Well, take a good look at this footage. It’s brutal, bloody, and violent to the core. To call this ethical is an outrage.

Many European countries have some of the world’s strictest animal welfare laws, but this disturbing footage exposes standard practice in Swiss slaughterhouses. Last year, the U.K. Food Standards Agency issued a report detailing shocking farmed animal suffering, from freezing to death to being scalded alive.

The report documented a host of atrocities: a cow “violently slammed” against a wall after an argument between two workers, chickens and pigs lowered into scalding water while fully conscious, and a cow taken to slaughter with a facial lesion “completely full of worms.” Thousands of animals were killed without proper stunning.


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