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‘Taco Robot’ To Serve You Vegan Tacos In Dallas Restaurant


A robot is presently helping vegan restaurant El Palote Panadería in Dallas, TX to serve its Mexican guests to clients in a sheltered way during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aaron Arias—the child of El Palote entrepreneurs Aurelia and Lily Arias—made the robot by connecting a tablet onto a board (which is wearing one of the eatery’s shirts) which he set on a remote-controlled Jeep. The contraption is additionally furnished with a plastic box into which the eatery puts in clients’ food requests.

“Honestly, the robot came from a desperate need to calm my anxiety about the current situation and give our customers something to laugh at when they come to pick up food,” Aaron Arias told Eater.

“I call him the Palote Bot, but he doesn’t really have an official name. People seem to love the concept and it gets a good laugh from anyone that sees the little dude.”

The family-owned café opened in 2016 and in the wake of testing vegan-only days, changed to a completely vegan eatery the same year. Aurelio Arias went vegan after he has had a coronary failure in 2007 and family members from the Arias family received a plant-based eating routine to help him.

The couple chose to expel animal items from their café with an end goal to instruct their locale about the medical advantages of veganism.


With the assistance of “Palote Bot,” the restaurant presently serves vegan Mexican dishes such tacos, tortas, and burritos loaded down with vegan renditions of conventional meats, for example, chicharrón, al minister, and cárnitas; enchiladas made with tofu and ancho peppers.

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