Ritter Sport Vegan Pur ohne muh, 100 Gramm (UVP 1,99 €)

Ritter Sport Is Launching Vegan Milk Chocolate Bar


In January 2022, German brand Ritter Sport will dispatch another vegan milk chocolate bar in Germany. The new Vegan Pure Without Moo chocolate bar is made with simple ingredients that deliver a milk chocolate experience without the use of any dairy products.

The cocoa utilized in the bar comes from the Cacao-Nica program, a program that Ritter Sport has been working with 30 years to promote sustainable cocoa practices in Nicaragua.

“With Vegan Pur Without Moo, Ritter Sport is aimed at all chocolate fans who are looking for products with exclusively plant-based ingredients and for whom sustainability is an important aspect when choosing their food, but for whom chocolate should above all be one thing, really delicious,” Ritter Sport said in a statement.


The chocolate is made with cocoa mass, high-quality almond flour (which replaces powdered milk), cocoa butter, and sugar. “


As a result, the various tastes particularly mild and creamy, comparable to classic milk chocolate,” the company stated. “By completely avoiding milk, the Vegan Pur is also suitable for people with lactose intolerance.”

The new Vegan Pure Without Moo will be priced at €1.99 ($2.31) per 100-gram bar.

Ritter Sport’s vegan chocolate bars

The dispatch of Vegan Pur Without Moo follows Ritter Sport’s pioneering entry into the vegan milk chocolate industry in 2017 with the dispatch of its first vegan-certified bars in two flavors: Dark Whole Hazelnuts Amaranth and Dark Almond Quinoa.

Candy goliaths get into vegan milk chocolate

Lately, vegan milk chocolate contributions from significant confectionery brands have exploded. In 2019, following a half year of innovative work, confectionery corporation Mars introduced its first vegan milk chocolate Galaxy line in the United Kingdom.


This year, Nestlé debuted a vegan form of its famous KitKat bar made with rice milk in the UK, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Australia, and Brazil. While the bars are accessible in numerous countries, they won’t be going to the US—where the KitKat brand is possessed by The Hershey Company.


Chocolate corporation Cadbury got into the vegan business with the dispatch of its first vegan milk chocolate line made with almond paste rather than dairy. The Cadbury Plant Bars come in two flavors: Smooth Chocolate and Salted Caramel, and are accessible at UK chain Sainsbury’s beginning this month and will carry out to different retailers next year.

In January 2022, Swiss chocolatier Lindt and Sprungli will dispatch Lindt Classic Recipe vegan milk chocolate bars made with oat milk. The bars will be accessible in two assortments: Smooth and Hazelnut. To make the new certified vegan products, Lindt replaced dairy milk with gluten-free oat milk and almond paste.