Reddit Co-Founder Invests In Plant-Based Meat Firm Behind NUGGS


Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder of the online media giant Reddit, has driven a $50 million funding in the plant-based meat start-up, SIMULATE

The Australian food innovation firm is established by 21-year-old Ben Pasternak. 

Also, it’s the maker of the well-known vegan chicken products, NUGGS. The brand has gotten capital backing from the celebrity and businessman Patrick Schwarzenegger.  As per Forbes, it is one of the quickest developing vegan chicken and nugget brands available – since being framed only two years prior. 

Schwarzenegger invited the news through social media. He complimented SIMULATE’s founder Pasternak for rocking the boat’. He added that he ‘can hardly wait to watch the company keep on developing. 


NUGGS brag higher protein and lower fat substance than their animal products counterparts. Additionally, they’re produced using a blend of soy and finished wheat protein – and are without cholesterol. 

Recently NUGGS has appeared in many Walmart and Target stores across the US. 

SIMULATE has additionally dispatched SPICY NUGGS. Furthermore, its DISCS are self-professed most exceptional chicken burger on earth’. 

Ohanian told Forbes: “No one is running into a Whole Foods store normally, and getting to the frozen sector to take a selfie, but with NUGGS, they are.”

The finance manager is a financial backer in Impossible Foods and Eclipse Foods. 

He is married to tennis celebrity Serena Williams, who has upheld plant-based food corporations previously. Additionally, she assisted Daily Harvets to raise an investment of $43 million in 2017. 


Ohanian truly believes the future is vegan.

According to him meat products are set to see a “gigantic knock one decade from now as we understand what our factory-animal-processing practices have done to our wellbeing and security.”

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