Pret a Manger Launches Biggest Vegan Menu

Pret a Manger Launches Biggest Menu Change In Their 33 Years History Packed with Vegan Products


The range will incorporate food that can be eaten “whenever you want” — just as gluten free bread following an immense interest from buyers who are sensitive to gluten.

“We’re so excited to launch our colourful new spring menu, our biggest change in our history, which is a result of listening to what our customers want,” Pret a Manger’s Head of Food Development Hannah Dolan told The Independent.

“Our group of culinary experts have taken motivation from everywhere throughout the world for this new menu and have buckled down to consummate every single fixing. From flavorsome cooked mushrooms, to our very own sans gluten bread, which we sincerely accept is a standout amongst the best out there the present moment.”

Pret a Manger Launches Biggest Menu
Photo: Print screen/ Pret A Manger Website

The new vegan products incorporate breakfast meals, such as Coconut & Berries on gluten-free bread (£3.25) as well as vegan Almond Butter & Berry Bircher (£2.35).

The Coconut and Berries on sans gluten bread includes a thick layer of vegan coconut yogurt, crisp blueberries, Pret a Trough’s five berry compote, and toasted coconut chips dispersed on top.


The sandwich chain will likewise include Humous and Chipotle Wrap (£2.99) soon, highlighting a generous amount of hummus with fiery chipotle ketchup and fresh coriander with cut red peppers, crunchy carrot and mooli slaw, and cured cabbage, carrot, and spinach.

Pret a Manger  new items will be accessible on April 9.


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