polish dairy brand goes vegan



Previous Polish dairy corporation Jogurty Magda is currently a completely vegan brand manufacturing 100 percent vegan products from now on.

In 2017, the organization propelled its first coconut milk-based vegan yogurt Planton—which was picked by Polish shoppers as the nation’s best plant-based yogurt in 2018.

Jogurty Madda followed the achievement of Planton by propelling a coconut milk-based vegan sour cream in 2019.


“The decision to focus fully on plant-based production is a bold step, which confirms not only the broad perspective of the Jogurty Magda’s team but also indicates the real commercial potential of the market of plant-based yogurts, drinks or cheeses,”

said Maciej Otrębski, Strategic Partnerships Manager at RoślinnieJemy—an organization working to increase plant-based products in Poland. 

Polish perspectives toward vegan products are quickly changing with deals of dairy options expanding by 26 percent in the nation in 2019 alone.

Reports show that 20 percent of Polish individuals began to see vegan products as increasingly appealing during the COVID-19 pandemic while 54 percent accept vegan diets are more earth-friendly than their animal-derived counterparts.

“The decision to make Jogurty Magda a fully plant-based brand is a natural consequence of the continuous development of our product portfolio, which for more than two years has been dominated by coconut milk-based yogurt and cream,” Magdalena Kubit, Managing Director of Jogurty Magda, said.

“Our products are for everyone. They end up on the tables of Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, and consumers in other countries, who, for various reasons, want to limit the consumption of animal products, while not giving up their favorite flavors. I am glad that from now on the actions we take will be fully consistent.”

Going ahead, the corporation will rebrand its logotype from Jogurty Magda to Magda Roślinna (“Plant-based Magda”) 


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