Winning plant-based food brand LikeMeat declares that all of its chilled product lines are sold in 100% recycled plastic trays.

Additionally, the company is introducing the Like Chicken Burger and the Like Chicken Filet in Europe, two brand-new, cutting-edge items.

Disposable Packaging For Plant-Based Food

LikeMeat joins sister brands Fry’s, Oumph!, and No Meat in making efforts to phase out plastic through the use of more recyclable cardboard packaging, marking another milestone in the LIVEKINDLY Collective‘s journey toward more sustainable packaging. The World Plant-Based Awards 2022’s Best Packaging Category was recently awarded by Oumph!

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The packaging team’s first priority, according to Rosangela Meza Affigne, Head of Packaging at LIVEKINDLY Collective, is sustainability innovation. 

“Sustainability innovation is the priority of the packaging team,” says Rosangela Meza Affigne, Head of Packaging at LIVEKINDLY Collective.

“We are constantly tracking the market, researching new materials and technologies, and contacting innovative suppliers to identify every opportunity to offer less impactful packaging, always while protecting the quality and safety of our products.

Our mission is clear, and as the journey continues, we aim to keep bringing great green innovations to fulfill our consumers’ environmental expectations!” 

Image: Likemeat

Justine Berger, Global Head of Brand for LikeMeat, comments: 

“We’ve almost packed 7,3 millions of these new 100% RPET trays to date. Such circularity of packaging helps reduce plastic waste. It also goes hand in hand with our brand promise: ‘So good, it’s good’, which signifies that our products are not only delicious, but strive to act responsibly toward the planet.”   

Innovations Based on Plants

The Like Chicken Filet and the Like Chicken Burger are two brand-new product innovations that LikeMeat is adding to its European offering in addition to fresh packaging. Both are delicious, all plant-based foods created with premium ingredients that the majority of us would recognize from our own kitchens.


Three different proteins—soy, pea, and wheat—are combined to make the Like Chicken Filet.
Image: Likemeat

A delicious combination of plant-based proteins are used in the new crispy Like Chicken Burger, which has a crunchy, breadcrumb coating. Both items are getting rave reviews and will sate any chicken desires without causing any damage to animals.
Image: Likemeat

The Like Chicken Filet was developed over a six-month period by Dr. Achim Knoch, Head of R&D/Quality at LikeMeat, who observes: 

“Chicken-style products are the most versatile and flexible in their use. From Asian to German cuisine – they are the basis for many recipe ideas. This is the future of plant-based nutrition. I am convinced that these products will be a success on the market because we have settled for nothing less than perfection.” 


Like Chicken Filet already launched in Germany and both products hit the shelves in the Netherlands, where plant-based meat is cheaper than animal meat, with other markets to follow. 

What LikeMeat Is

LikeMeat, a German company founded by meat eaters, is of the opinion that if plant-based cuisine tasted better, more people would consume it.

LikeMeat provides a variety of completely plant-based meat favorites we all crave without sacrificing the flavor and texture we love in an effort to make change more enticing.

Image: Likemeat

Currently, 15.000 supermarket stores in Germany, the USA, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands carry LikeMeat products.