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Pizza Hut has announced it will have vegan cheddar cheese in all its U.S.restaurants  this summer.

The chain remarked, “We plan to have vegan cheese available at all of our U.S. locations by the end of summer, most likely in August.”  It included an email letter with the Vegan Herald, “we’ll have an exact date in the not so distant future!”

The chain at present offers vegan cheddar in its UK and Australia areas, utilizing winning non-dairy brand Violife to make its vegan choices.


Pizza Hut remarked on the improvement, “We have been testing the marketing when it comes to vegan cheese for quite some time, and we’re just about ready to make the leap!”

The Vegan Herald takes note of that the chain hasn’t yet affirmed which sort of vegan cheddar cheese it will utilize. Various pizza chains that convey vegan cheese products, for example, Daiya and Follow Your Heart.

It is likewise conceivable that the giant corporation could be creating up its very own vegan cheese.

Violife non-dairy cheese, which Pizza Hut utilizes in the UK, is definitely not the new item to the U.S. The company propelled three of its cheeses in the nation a year ago.


The brand’s vegan parmesan cheddar and smoked provolone cuts are accessible at Whole Foods. Preceding the August declaration, the non-dairy cheddar was just accessible at select free retailers.

The brand likewise impacted the world forever toward the beginning of the year by getting to be one of the principal vegan adverts to air on standard TV channels.

pizza hut vegan cheese

The campaign included the slogan “Maybe we’ve made dairy-free too easy…” and demonstrated the heroes discovering it so natural to dump dairy they start to trust they can achieve other staggering accomplishments.

The Greece-based organization originally propelled its items in autonomous and claim to fame U.S. supermarkets in May 2017. As per its site, it is “devoted to making stunning tasting, 100% vegan non-dairy, non-GMO sustenances.”


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