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PETA Is Calling Leonardo da Vinci Fans to Go Meat Free Like Him


PETA propelled a crusade encouraging admirers of compelling artist Leonardo da Vinci to go meat free like him.

“Leonardo da Veggie: Eat Like a Genius,” PETA’s new crusade, was propelled ahead of time of Leonardo da Vinci’s 500th passing commemoration.

The marketing campaign incorporates an open disclosing of the new Leonardo da Veggie promotion in Milan, Italy — where the artist went through a large portion of his time and where a significant number of his prevalent manifestations can, in any case, be seen today.


Da Vinci was the primary major historical figure that talked about the possibility of speciesism, the possibility that being human is sufficient motivation to have more prominent good moral rights than nonhuman animals.

In addition to being a great artist, architect, botanist, engineer, mathematician, and musician, this Renaissance man was also an animal lover and fierce animal advocate.


Because of that PETA is marking the 500th anniversary of his death—which occurred on May 2, 1519—with a celebration honoring his memory as an animal rights pioneer.

Da Vinci underscored that people are animals, as well, and in this way don’t reserve any privilege to preclude the rights from securing different animals to live.

He likewise quit stopped consuming meat and animal-derived products, saying: “If you are, as you have described yourself, the king of the animals, why do you help other animals only so that they may be able to give you their young in order to gratify your palate?”


He additionally talked up for chicks who “will never come to birth” since people take hens’ eggs and was known to wear a material dress rather than fur or leather. He likewise used to buy confined birds being sold as pets so as to set them free.

Besides talking up for land animals, Da Vinci was known to talk up for ocean species as well, for example, lobsters and crabs, saying:

“How cruel for one whose natural habitat is water to be made to die in boiling water.”

“Leonardo da Vinci voiced vegan standards and ideas several years prior to the word ‘vegan’ was authored,” PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews said in an announcement.


“As the world marks the 500th anniversary of da Vinci’s passing, PETA is honoring his legacy by encouraging his admirers to respect animals and stop eating them.”

PETA recently regarded da Vinci in its limited version “Vegetarian Icons” US postal stamp collection that celebrates famous animal rights advocates from the beginning of time.


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