The popular NotMayo will be introduced in US Target stores across the country this month, according to the Kraft Heinz Not Company.

NotMayo, a product of NotCo’s AI-driven food technology, was developed to replicate the appearance, flavor, and texture of mayonnaise made with eggs in any conventional recipe. 

The Kraft Heinz Company claims that the available plant-based mayonnaise options fall short of consumer expectations because only one-fourth of people who purchase plant-based mayonnaise go back for more.


The 15 oz jars of NotMayo, which have the same savory and creamy flavor as mayo made from animal products, can be used in any summer or grilling dish, from burgers and French fries to BLTs and potato salad. 

NotCo partnered with their friends over at @kraftheinzus to deliver a plant-based NotMayo that looks, tastes and spreads like the real thing, but NOT! Finally, a plant-based mouthwatering alternative to bring your lunch to life. 

Image: NotCO

According to Matias Muchnick, the founder and CEO of NotCo, the product’s launch in the US comes more than five years after it was introduced in his native Chile, where the average annual consumption of mayonnaise is 4 kg.

NotMayo reportedly gained 7% of the market share for the entire mayo category at Jumbo, which runs 36 supermarkets and hypermarkets across the nation, in its first 10 months of sales, with an approximate 85% rate of repeat business. 

Getting to new markets 

Following a trial of co-branded plant-based cheeses, NotCo is the second retail product from The Kraft Heinz Not Company. 

notmilk_notco_notmayo_NOTMAYO TARGET STORES
Image: NotCo

NotMayo is available not only at Target but also at big-box stores like Meijer, Wakefern, and Giant Eagle. 

“Our mission is to create mouthwatering plant-based foods for all, and our vision is to be the indispensable plant-based food company,” stated The Kraft Heinz Not Company. “Simply put, we want to bring plant-based to the masses.”