Sutherland Secondary students Naiara Peruchena and Shiqi Xu have spearheaded a student choice policy when it comes to animal dissection in North Vancouver classrooms. photo Mike Wakefield, North Shore News

North Van Student Duo Saves Animals From Dissection, Earns Award


Shiqi Xu and Naiara Peruchena appealed for a student choice policy in front of the North Vancouver Board of Education this past spring.

So, Xu and Peruchena explored what other ways students can get a biology lesson without slicing into an animal.

With the new student choice policy, students will have the option to opt out of the physical dissection and instead dive into the different layers of the animal, including the heartbeat, in augmented reality.

saves animals dissection

Most students have to do at least one dissection as part of their high school education, even though less than one per cent of these students advance to careers where knowledge of animal dissection is relevant, according to the Animals in Science Policy Institute.


Before they presented their student choice proposal to the board of education, Xu and Peruchena circulated a petition through their high school, as well as Handsworth and Seycove.

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