In excess of 100 retailers and online stores are selling soccer shoes made with kangaroo skins disregarding California law, a months-in length examination led by charitable Center for a Humane Economy (CHE) uncovers.

California Penal Code § 653o became effective in 2016, restricting the deal and import of athletic shoes made with kangaroo leather with punishments of up to $5,000 and a half year in prison for every infringement.

CHE Investigators found that 66% of the 117 physical soccer  stores, for example, Nike and Dick’s Sporting Goods, in California are wrongfully selling kangaroo leather spikes and 93 percent of the 76 predominant online retailers of such outdoor supplies, including eBay, are infringing upon California law.


Shoe organizations, for example, Nike, Diadora, Lotto, New Balance, Pantofola d’Oro, Puma, and Umbro are additionally transportation kangaroo leather soccer shoes to California.

CHE agents noticed that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and other law implementation offices have not made a move to stop the offer of these items. 

While Nike suspended deals of shoes made with kangaroo leather after it was informed regarding the investigation, it continued its deals of the shoes this month.


Nike was recently caught making an illegal sale deal by Robert Ferber—a previous Los Angeles City examiner accountable for animal cruelty wrongdoings for over 10 years—who put in a request for two styles of shoes made with kangaroo leather.

“I’ve ordered pairs of Tiempo Legend 8 Elite to see if Nike was following the law. Except for a brief period this spring, the shoes I ordered through appeared promptly and illegally on my doorstep,” Ferber said. “I’d expect more controls, and more serious-minded compliance from one of the biggest corporations in the world and one that touts its commitment to sustainability and ethics.”

Other investigators additionally got orders in California from different retailers for shoes produced using kangaroo skin. 

A group of Olympic competitors—including cycling silver medalist Dotsie Bauch, soccer gold medalist Heather Mitts, and olympic style events gold medalist David Verberg—sent a letter to Nike requesting that the organization end its utilization of kangaroo skins.


“We are athletes who’ve been fortunate to compete at the highest levels in our sports. We are also deeply concerned about the environment and the well-being of animals,” the letter states.

“We don’t treat sports as a cordoned-off enterprise set apart from the rest of the world and its swirl of social concerns. That means we care about the things we wear, the supply chain that allows them to be fabricated, and the precious world that we all inhabit with animals. Killing wild animals in their native environments to make shoes must end. It is an archaic, inhumane, and unnecessary practice.”

Roughly 2,000,000 wild kangaroos are murdered in Australia for their skins each year. CHE is working together with various different organizations on a worldwide battle to urge every single athletic shoemaker to stop utilizing kangaroo parts. 

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