Moving Mountains Debuts Vegan Hot Dog


London-based vegan food corporation Moving Mountains has appeared its new vegan hot dog to dispatch in May.

The 10-inch smoked Moving Mountains Hot Dog is created with carrots, sunflower seeds, onions, and paprika.

The hot dog, portrayed by the organization as “the first of its sort” and a “game changer” is said to be practically indistinct in taste when contrasted with a pork hot dog.


“Following the resounding success of the UK’s first meatless bleeding burger, our second innovative launch is set to make hot dogs desirable again, giving them a long deserved revamp,” said Moving Mountains originator Simeon Van der Molen in a statement for Global Meat News.

Image credit: Facebook/ Moving Mountains

“Our latest food tech innovation proves that you don’t need a pig to make a dog; we use sunflower seeds to deliver an identical taste and texture, which is a more sustainable food option for our health and the health of the planet.”

Moving Mountains is best known for its vegan bleeding burger with a little assistance from beet squeeze, and is known for its comparative taste and surface to a classical meat burger.

In February, the corporation declared an association with food wholesaler Rastelli Foods to dispatch its mark vegan burgers in the Middle East.


“The Moving Mountains® Burger really smells and tastes like meat but is completely plant-based. It’s the best alternative to meat that I have ever tried. I’m confident that consumers in the region will love it,” said Rastelli Foods Co-Founder Tony Rastelli.

The corporation trusts individuals will have a similar response to their pork-like hotdogs.

The Moving Mountains Hot Dogs will dispatch at London’s Unity Diner vegan eatery on May 10 at a starting cost of £6 amid the weekend, half off the customary £12 cost for the hot dog.


Moving Mountains is intending to dispatch its items in markets at the end of the year.

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