McDonald’s Australia Supplying Oat Milk In McCafé Coffees Nationwide


Fast food goliath McDonald’s is finally providing vegan milk merchandise to its clients in Australia. They recently declared that oat milk “has arrived” in the country. 

For now, McDonald’s guests can add the oat milk to any McCafé espresso purchased in the chain. 

McDonald’s adds oat milk to vegan contributions 

The new vegan oat milk choice is made by Australia-based MILKLAB. The organization professes to offer a “superior execution” vegan product that is creamy and delicious. Also, it’s made with 100% Australian oats. After reporting the news online, the response was blended. 

One user wrote on Instagram: “Might start visiting there again if they have MILKLAB.”

Whilst another said: “Questionable for such a solid specialty product.”

While one more said: “Might start visiting there again if they have MILKLAB.”


Be that as it may, McDonald’s Australia uncovered it’s just accessible at “participating restaurants.” Moreover, it’s just on offer for an extra charge. 

McDonald’s is yet to affirm when oat milk will be carried out in the UK in any case. 

Also, the dispatch comes simply a month after the US chain was scrutinized regarding to the arrival of its very first vegan burger.  What’s more, that is on the grounds that, for clients in the US, the McPlant accompanies dairy cheddar and non-vegan mayo.