Lidl Launches Sweet Easter Vegan Wine That Tastes Like Hot Cross Buns


Supermarket goliath Lidl propelled a sweet vegan wine that preferences simply like hot cross buns in time for Easter.

The new vegan wine is portrayed to be ideal for Easter dining experience as it supplements exquisite dinners and pastries.

The hot cross bun-enhanced wine is made with sun-dried Muscat grapes that are dried for 10-15 days on particular “esparto” dry grass from North Africa and southern Europe until they fully develop in oak barrels.


The procedure helps in giving the vegan wine upgraded fragrance of raisins and flavors just as a full-bodied flavor and a sweet, syrupy taste like that of hot cross buns.


Image: Lidl

“This uncommon Spanish wine from the memorable Malaga area brags one of a kind fragrances raisins and sweet zest, especially like that of the cinnamon and nutmeg seasons in hot cross buns,” Richard Bampfield, Lidl’s master chief of wine, said in an announcement.

This isn’t the first occasion when Lidl propelled vegan drinks. A year ago, the general store chain propelled a scope of vegan wines for Christmas.

Lidl’s new vegan hot cross bun-seasoned wine is currently accessible for £6.99.


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