Lewis Hamilton-Backed Burger Chain Is ‘Best Vegan Restaurant Of The Year’


The London-based Neat Burger is the UK’s quickest developing vegan restaurant chain. It right now has six locations and has plans to grow with 30 new diners on the way.

Lewis Hamilton-backed eatery Neat Burger has been crowned ‘inaugural Company of the Year Award’ by PETA.

The honor is to recognize the effort of the café for its game-changing work to bring compassionate and delicious vegan food to all.

As indicated by PETA, Neat Burger is ‘dishing up the delicious plant-powered fare that modern diners crave’ and ‘introducing droves of people to delicious, protein-packed vegan meals’.


The new honor comes later it won ‘Best Vegan Restaurant Of The Year’ at the Deliveroo Restaurant Awards two years straight.

Hamilton launched Neat Burger in 2019 in association with hospitality association The Cream Group and financial backers including UNICEF Ambassador.

The London-based diner is the UK’s quickest developing vegan restaurant network. It right now has six areas and has plans to grow with 30 new eateries on the way.

The restaurant offers a different range of vegan fast food which incorporates burgers, fries, shakes, and its ownown vegan crispy Filet-No-Fish sandwich.

Besides opening a vegan restaurant, the sporting sensation, who went vegan in 2017 has frequently utilized his foundation to address the morals of involving animals for food, fashion, and entertainment.

Among different endeavors, he has repeatedly stressed the health benefits of going vegan and pointed out how the meat industry exploits animals.

He was additionally in the movie The Game Changers – the hard-hitting documentary with regards vegan eating, protein, and strength – as one of the film’s executive producers.


The vegan athlete has also spoken out on social media against trophy hunting, poaching, the leather industry, and dolphin shows in the past.