Superstar celebrity and business mogul Kim Kardashian West shared the recipe for her favorite vegan tacos during her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s second annual Poosh Your Wellness celebration.

During the online celebration, Kardashian West made a unique cooking exhibition in association with vegan brand Beyond Meat to tell followers the best way to make Kim Kardashian West’s Plant-Based Tacos—a staple feast at the Kardashian West family.

The vegan tacos are made with prepared Beyond Beef, are served in sans gluten almond flour tortillas, and are finished off with vegan Violife cheddar, without dairy sharp cream, tomatoes, onions, and avocado.

“What I truly love about Beyond Meat is that it has zero cholesterol in comparison to real meat and it has a third less of the saturated fat.

So, there is a big difference,” Kardashian West, who admitted that she travels with a pack of Beyond Meat, said during the cooking demonstration, said during the cooking show. “It’s a plant-based alternative to meat that looks like meat and tastes like meat—I’m such a fan.”

Kardashian West has been experimenting with the plant-based lifestyle in recent years. During the cooking demonstration, Kardashian West explained that in 2019, she initially began eating exclusively plant-based meals while dining at home.


“I think I watched a documentary,” she said about the beginning of her plant-based journey. “And I just met chefs that loved to cook plant-based and were teaching me so much about sea moss and all of this amazing food that had really good health benefits.”

Kardashian West clarified that while she at first did consume animal products when eating outside of her home, she in the long run started eating completely plant-based a year ago after she attempted a plant-based dish that intrigued her.

“I luckily have the help of amazing chefs that have figured out how to find the things that I really love and make a plant-based version of that.”

The 40-year-old celebrity star said she actually may choose fish while eating out once each month, however, intends to keep a generally plant-based way of life and likes Beyond Meat over animal-derived meat.


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