Grammy-award-winning music celebrity Jermaine Dupri just launched his own vegan ice cream brand JD’s Vegan. Made as a team with ice cream expert Malcolm Stogo and Big Innovations Group Inc., the new ice cream is produced using a base of coconut cream to convey a thick surface without animal ingredients.

JD’s Vegan is at first dispatching in three decadent flavors: Welcome to Atlanta Peach Cobbler (made with golden peaches and dotted with crumbled cobbler); Apple Butter [a buttery apple base swirled together with toasted cinnamon streusel crumble]; and Strawberry Sweetheart [featuring strawberry chunks and swirls].

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To make his ice cream effectively available to a huge consumer base, Dupri cooperated with Walmart, which launched JD’s Vegan starting three flavors, priced at $6.47 per pint.

“Walmart and I share the same vision of providing consumers with the best products and making healthy alternatives accessible to everyone,” Dupri said in a statement.

“JD’s Vegan ice creams taste as good as, or better than, the real thing. You don’t have to lose anything going vegan. JD’s Vegan ice cream proves you can gain nothing but quality foods with out-of-this-world flavor and taste.”

One month from now, JD’s Vegan ice cream will grow to incorporate three additional flavors: Chocolate My Way, Key Lime Pie, and (404) Cookies & Cream. Walmart will roll out the remainder of the line on December 28 both in-store and online. JD’s Vegan is also available through the ice cream company’s website.

Vegan for over 15 years, Dupri is known for rejuvenating the absolute most notorious tracks and collections of the ’90s, including Mariah Carey’s Daydream, TLC’s CrazySexyCool, and Usher’s My Way.

Dupri additionally works with animal-rights organizations, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), to advocate for the vegan lifestyle. In 2018, Dupri appeared in a PETA campaign with the slogan: “Feel the beets. Lose the meats. Go Vegan.”


JD’s Vegan ice cream flavors are motivated by Atlanta, the music mecca where Dupri was raised. Nowadays, when he’s not making music, Dupri spreads the vegan message across Atlanta.

In 2019, Dupri facilitated a vegan Thanksgiving occasion at West Hunter Street Baptist Church. There, Dupri and PETA gave out roasted vegan turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, and pumpkin pie to families in need.

The previous summer, Dupri cooperated with Slutty Vegan and Impossible Foods to host the year-long Votenik campaign that aimed to feed communities across the country as they exercise their right to vote.

Dupri made a personal appearance, alongside Slutty Vegan founder Pinky Cole, at the Atlanta kickoff event where they gave out free Sloppy Toppy burgers.


Furthermore, when Beyond Fried Chicken was dispatched at one KFC in Atlanta temporarily in 2019, Dupri was first in line to offer his help. “Alright, I just got to this Kentucky Fried Chicken where they got this Beyond Chicken, vegan chicken. I’m gonna let y’all know what’s up,” Dupri posted at the time to his Instagram stories, adding,

“They’ve got a little line out here.” That “little line” transformed into a colossal group that prompted KFC to sell out of the vegan fried chicken in under five hours.