Vegan Wool From Coconut Waste

Innovative Company Creates Vegan Wool From Coconut Waste

Coconuts go beyond the kitchen and into our wardrobes with this new wool alternative which is kinder to animals and the environment

Plant based news is reporting for a company trying to spare both sheep and trees. Material innovation company Nanolloose from Australia has created a wool-like material made from coconuts.

Coconuts are a long-standing vegan favorite because of its versatility: coconut milk, coconut oil, and coconut cream are only a few of its uses in the kitchen (and for beauty purposes: coconut oil is an amazing natural eye makeup remover), but its virtues now extend beyond the kitchen and into our wardrobes.

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Nanollose garment created from the company’s Tree-Free Rayon fiber (Photo: Nanollose)

Vegan wool

The revolutionary material, named Nullarbor, is created in just 18 days and requires very little water, land, and energy.


How is it made?

Bacteria are used to naturally ferment liquid coconut waste from the food industry into cellulose, which is the building block for the final product.

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