hooters serve beyond burger


Restaurant company Chanticleer Holdings reported its association with vegan meat brand Beyond Meat.

The company also owns Hooters restaurants so that is why we are excited that pretty soon vegan products are entering HOOTERS menu.  

The association will put the vegan Beyond Burger on the menu at 50 locations of Chanticleer Holdings’ burger cafés, including Little Big Burger, American Burger Company, Burgers Grilled Right, and Just Fresh where every eatery will set up the vegan burger as indicated by its very own ingredients.

“With roughly one-third of consumers identifying as flexitarians, we’re thrilled to partner with Beyond Meat to provide a plant-based alternative to our current menu offerings,” Fred Glick Chanticleer Holdings President said in a statement.

“We also understand that consumers are more conscious than ever about making responsible food choices that are not only healthy, but that also take sustainability and ethical considerations into account.”  

The corporation likewise claims Hooters eateries yet has not reported the option of the Beyond Burger on its menu.

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