Meatless Burgers and Meatless Mince, both marketed as being “powered by beanz,” are two new products from Heinz that join the cold meat substitutes market.

The burgers and mince are supposed to have a rich, meaty flavor and be strong in protein and low in saturated fat. They are also free of artificial chemicals and a rich source of fiber.

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The vegan products will initially only be offered in the Netherlands, and Heinz has not yet specified when they will become available abroad. Although more goods might be on the way, the company has described the launch as “the first step in our plant-based meals journey.”

Image: Heinz

In January of last year, Heinz launched one of its initial ventures into the plant-based market in the UK. The business released a variety of vegan mayos, salad dressing, and frozen bean burgers to commemorate Veganuary.

A few months later, Heinz unveiled a line of pulse-based infant food that was derived from plants. Earlier this year, the business also collaborated with the UK brand of Absurd Bird for fried chicken, delivering a plant-based chicken burger with refried Heinz beans and ketchup on top.

Image: Heinz

“We’ve built something I think Henry would be proud of,” said Sonia Abdipour, Head of Plant Based, Whitespace & New Ventures – International Meals at Kraft Heinz. “I’m certainly proud of the future we’re paving for everyone to dabble in plant-based food, contributing to a more sustainable future.”