calf beg for life

Heartbreaking Video: Calf Begging The Abattoir Worker Not To Kill Him


This helpless calf is terrified since he knows what lies ahead. He can hear screams, and more importantly, he can smell the blood since cows have an excellent sense of smell. Since he can’t escape, he tries to beg the Spanish slaughterhouse worker.

He makes eye content, he moves his head, he even cries from the depth of his soul. Despite understanding his pleads, the worker can’t help him, even if he wanted to. If he won’t do the job- someone else will do it.

Begging in front of the wrong person.

This video is part of the documentary Detras del Matadero by Tras Los Muros.In order to help more animals escape a fate of misery, try to be vegan for 22 days! We highly recommend to join Challenge 22+ for both free guidance and support.


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