Global Shift To Vegan Diet Could Stop Wild Animals Disappearing By 2026, Say Environmentalists


The crisis has been described as the ‘biggest of our lifetimes’

Wild animals are on course to disappear by 2026, according to leading environmentalists who have branded it ‘Year Zero’, and say the best way to stop this is a global shift to a vegan diet.

At the rate, we are killing wildlife, whales, penguins, monkeys, koalas, tigers, eagles,  giraffes, and other animals will only exist in zoos within a decade, says Prevent Year Zero – a coalition of organizations which aims to stop this from happening. veganism-animals-vegansnews

The organization paints a terrifying picture of what this ecological disaster would bring, including ‘unimaginable extreme weather on a scale that the human race has never experienced: extreme drought, massive wildfires, and flood events’. This, in turn, could trigger political and societal disruption and chaos as millions are displaced and become refugees.


Wildlife dying outveganism-vegan-vegansnews

Prevent Year Zero has reached 2026  as the year wild animals die out by looking at the historical data of wildlife decline. The Living Planet Report 2014 (LPR2014) stated 52 percent of wild vertebrates died between 1970 and 2010, and LPR2016 reported that 58 percent of wild vertebrates died between 1970 and 2012.

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