male chicken culling



France will ban the egg industry practice of “culling” male chicks, French Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume declared for in a public interview. Male chicks—who are neither appropriate for egg-laying nor being raised for meat—are viewed as an irritation in the egg business and are routinely ground up alive in maceration machines, or choked.

“We want to move forward, there’s no going back. The government is committed to it,” Guillaume said. “The aim is to oblige firms to do this by the end of 2021. We need to find a method that works on a large scale.”

In 2015, Germany consented to take out chick culling by 2020, a move that would spare roughly 45 million chicks from being ground alive every year.

The German government has since expanded the execution of the boycott until its Seleggt innovation—which decides the sex of the embryo organism permitting farmers to destroy an egg before the chick is conceived—is completely operational in the not so distant future.


The innovation would be accessible for use by different nations, including France.

In addition to finishing the coldblooded practice of chick-culling, Guilleme declared that France will ban mutilating piglets without sedation, rather requiring animal farmers to utilize legitimate pain relief methods while removing the pigs’ sexual organs.

“The ministry is going to publish regulatory texts in the next few weeks to move towards the banning of painful practices in farming husbandry,” Guilleme said.


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