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Vegan Activist Earthling Ed to Teach Animal Rights Class at Harvard University


Vegan activist and YouTuber Ed Winters, otherwise called Earthling Ed, was welcome to encourage an animal rights entitlement class at Harvard University. Ed took to online platforms to report that he was welcomed by educators at Harvard University to instruct and to teach about animal rights as a visitor speaker.

He additionally uncovered that he will talk at different colleges, including Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Yale, and Rutgers.

“I’m beyond honored to say that I’m currently in the USA as I was invited by professors at Harvard University to teach a class entitled ‘animals as commodities’ as a guest lecturer,” Ed wrote on social media.

“I’m excited to be here and I’m hugely looking forward to spreading the vegan message at college campuses on the East Coast.”


Ed recently conveyed TEDx Talk, presently accessible on YouTube, where he explained animal rights and the vegan lifestyle and encouraged the public to go vegan for the animals.

He additionally taped his second TEDx Talk this year at the University of Bath, where he exposed primary contentions against veganism.

Talking about his most current TEDx Talk, he said in an announcement:  “This one’s called Every Argument Against Veganism and I’m going to go through all the main arguments that people use to try and not be vegan and logically debunk them to show people that there’s no validity or veracity to the arguments.”

“I’m really looking forward to it and I really hope that you like it when it’s released.” “I also want to say a massive thank-you for all of the kindness and all of the support and comments the first TED talk I did at Lund University in Sweden.” “I really enjoyed really the messages you sent to my inbox but also all the comments themselves.”‍


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