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Diabetes Sufferer Has Revealed How Adopting A Plant-Based Diet Put His Illness Into Remission


A previous diabetes sufferer has uncovered how changing to a particular plant-based way to deal with eating put his diabetes of just about 29 years into remission- and gave him his life back.

He lost about 30kg (66lb) and fell off his insulin and metformin prescription in the wake of following the Natural Food Interaction (NFI) diet for a half year.

The NFI diet, which was established by David Hickman and Zuzana Plevova, is a plant-based methodology that goes above and beyond, by blending and coordinating diverse plant foods in mixes that are customized to a person.


It was as of late trialed at a National Institute in Slovakia and provides a type 2 diabetes clinical remission rate of over 97.2 percent.


“All patients that I’ve prescribed the NFI diet have experienced improvements across all parameters, including weight loss; laboratory tests; and general quality of life,” said Peter’s physician, Dr. Janka Lejavova.


“This patient had diabetes since 1989, so had been suffering from the condition for 29 years. In the beginning, the procedure of treatment corresponded with the way of treating diabetes 30 years ago – combined treatment of tablets and diet. Despite that, the disease had been developing and the patient started taking insulin intensively from 2003.

“The patient was educated and very cooperative in terms of the way he took tablets every day. However, the results had the tendency to worsen all the way to chronic decompensation, which gradually got better after hospitalization.”

As indicated by Dr. Lejavova, the patient was treated with high does of insulin four times each day – which he had the capacity to lessen in the wake of beginning the NFI Diet.

“”The diet provided improvements predicted by the founders of the diet,” she said. “Initially he reduced and completely removed Metformin from the treatment.


“Then the insulin was reduced and after some time he just injected before meals which over time became reduced. And after 23 weeks the insulin was completely removed from his plan. Now the patient has not had any diabetic medication for two-three months.”

‘I am completely transformed’

“My type 2 diabetes was so severe that it affected my work. I was a driver, but my condition became so bad that I lost my job,” Peter told Plant Based News.


“I then became a security man looking after building sites overnight, but only part-time because the pain made it difficult. I became very grumpy as chronic complications associated with my type 2 diabetes started to develop.

“But now I am completely transformed. I have my sense of humor back and enjoy days out with my grandchildren, which I couldn’t do before.” he finishes his statement.


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